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Arbi Zarmaev, euro-ombudsman, belgian minister of justice, violated, principle, separation of capacities

Dear Mr Boeykens,

I am writing in reply to your e-mail of 15 April 2011, in which you again informed the office of the European Ombudsman about the case of a prisoner and the alleged involvement of a Belgian minister.
I regret to have to reiterate that the European Ombudsman is only competent to investigate complaints about maladministration in the institutions, bodies, offices and agencies of the European Union. No action by any other authority or person may be the subject of a complaint to the Ombudsman.
Apart from the advice already provided in the replies of the European Ombudsman, the office can unfortunately not offer any further assistance.
Best regards,
Nastasja Fuxa
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Aan: Jan Boeykens
Datum: 2 mei 2011 - 10:57
Onderwerp: Re: Arbi Zarmaev: belgian minister violates principle of separation of capacities
Verzonden door: ombudsman.europa.eu


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